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We, at Tess and Tera Techno Solutions, are a technology-based organization focused on developing innovative products relevant to consumer needs. We are team with 75 years of collective experience in technology related projects including telecom & 4G rollout in many geographies across India.Our innovation team has put together an affordable yet effective solution for every entry point to be safe and sanitized while entry  – this shall not only sanitize every incoming person’s Feet & Hands but shall also show & record the temperature along with sanitizing the handheld gadgets


Our Mission is to provide easy and affordable solutions using technology through innovative & well researched applications and products. Genuine, Affordable, Trust worthy and Fairness to delivering our products and services to everyone alike. CovicureFGH has been pioneering the use of UVC to enable pathogen-free environments. Companies that have adopted CovicureFGH and are currently benefiting from UVC-powered disinfection are in industries as diverse and demanding.

The New Normal

With Covid-19 pandemic which has shaken the normal lives of many across the globe and has also weakened the day to day life and destroying the economy worth trillions of dollars and waiting for a suitable vaccine as a savior for the human mankind. Social distancing and constant sanitization across each point of contact, apart from wearing Masks and PPEs for different requirements is the new norm to keep ourselves and our environment and our immediate contacts, new & known safe as we perform any required action indoors and outdoors.

The Terminal is tailored with high engineering standards to fit for the ages 7 years and above. Overall the concept’s design is user-friendly and technically sound. COVICURE FGH terminal is self-sufficient UNTOUCH MODEL to disinfect by eliminating 99.9% of all the VIRUS and BACTERIA including COVID-19. This Terminal is equipped with ACOUSTIC and INFRARED SENSORS, Microcontroller, Germicidal UV Light associated with operating electronic system.




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